Even our story is a goodread

About Us

In 2010, 2 Hipsters sitting in city park were deciding about their new venture, with grown beard they decided to encash what they’ve learnt so far and eventually help the ideators to achieve their aspirations. One of their French friend, called them HIPSTERS and they got the name, TheHipsterCoders.

Our History

Empowered with 23 years of age and engineering degree, 2 of the hipsters felt monotony in life with their jobs. They wanted to learn more everyday and hence started with WordPress and iPhone. They mastered them and expanded the knowledge with the help of software gurus. One of the hipster – Hemant Saurabh got many contacts across USA and Israel and got first official business on 23rd of March 2010. Since then, they never stopped and continue the progress.

The image shown above is of the park where the 2 hipsters founded TheHipsterCoders

Our Present

Started our office at very small place, with one project and our quality work with the help of 10 other hipster coders, we earned enough money to establish ourselves in a bigger place. Also, we got angel investors from France with the help of Simon Hocheberg and Benjamin Naman, the guys who are true hero of our team. Once we got money, we increased the number of hipsters to 30 and helped regional IT aspirants to get a job at their home city Ghaziabad.

Currently, we are operating from NOIDA and 100+ hipsters are working with us with diversity of experiences with various technologies.

Values which make us proud

Our Stats

Projects completed
95 %
Positive feedback
Hipster coders
$ 25
Cost per hour